A New Media


Those who knew anything about the media from the days of Henry Ford to those of George Lincoln Rockwell realized that it had been subverted and taken over by Jews. From newspapers to radio to Hollywood to television, etc. If they didn’t own it outright then they were the advertisers who could call most of the shots. And if they weren’t the writers and editors themselves, then they could depend upon the brain-raped goyim having come out of their likewise subverted and poisoned “institutions of higher learning”. But make no mistake, when considering the media, you must consider it as a major tool in the hands of the Jewish enemy.

It is of course a product of Aryan genius just as is everything else within the civilized world. They see this and they know this which is exactly why they knew then and still know that they must move in on it, seize control of it and bend it to their own ends. They will control the flow of information and they will see to it that there can be no significant divergence of opinion. The foulest of degenerates will be elevated to practically “hero” status while the most worthy of genuine national hero types you will never even hear of or, if you do, they will be tar-brushed as “haters” or now even as “domestic terrorists”.

Within the past year or two it has been unmistakable that they have ramped up their drive toward general race-mixing not only in their regular programming but in commercials as well. It is “monkey see, monkey do”, just as simple as that. Enabling, “okaying” this worst of all disgraces, of all abominations now to a population that has become sufficiently alienated from one another to fall for anything. They KNOW what they’re doing.

When I was a kid in the early Sixties and waiting to take off for elementary school in the mornings, I’d catch on local television a thing called, “Sunrise Semester”, as part of Ohio State University. It uniformly dealt with what later became known as “subliminals”. They’d flash a series of letters or numerals very briefly in front of a panel of students and then ask them to recall what they’d just seen. They did remarkably well at it. I never saw the value of it but it did prove a kind of point. They’re doing that now with shots of race-mixed couples on television. The subconscious is a remarkable area. Again, they KNOW what they’re doing.

Those not having read Commander Rockwell’s book, “White Power”, will probably not have otherwise ever heard of Israel Cohen’s “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century”. I’ve only seen it reproduced one other place (apart from the Nazi newspaper I was editing in the 1970s) and that was a large book by another Jew which denied the veracity of the thing. Before going further, here is the text of the pertinent part:

“We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill into the Whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America into our hands.”

Rockwell took this quote from out of the U.S. Congressional Record, Proceedings of the House, 1957, page 8559. It was introduced as having been authored by one Israel Cohen, a leading Communist in England, in his essay entitled, “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century”, and having been penned in 1912.

Any time a thing like this is brought to general light, the Jews go all-out to disclaim it as a “forgery”. But, just as Ford stated back in the 1920s, forgery or not, they’re following these precepts like a blueprint. And we have asked many decades later, a forgery of what? Of course the year of 1912 was already AFTER they had just about taken over the media and after they had created the N.A.A.C.P. in 1909. They had already gotten themselves into the position of being fully capable to implement just such a thing as outlined previously.

But a lot of work had yet to be accomplished. The Negroes had to be elevated, yes, but the Whites had to be beaten down. That time around 1912 was a time when there were still lynchings going on anytime a Black stepped out of line or committed a racial offense. There were still huge race riots going on where armies of enraged Whites would invade Black areas and do some mass killing. Whites had to be rendered neutral while Blacks had to be enflamed. And make no mistake again, the Blacks could NEVER have accomplished any of this on their own.

The Jews may have owned the studios in Hollywood but it was still up to White geniuses such as D.W. Griffith to produce the product. If you have not yet seen his 1915 masterwork, “Birth of a Nation”, then I urge you to do so now. It is readily available even still. With Civil War veterans on the set to ensure accuracy, he showed the tale as it had been. The tragedy of the event but, more importantly, the role of the Ku Klux Klan in preserving White, Southern society afterward. President Woodrow Wilson, himself a Virginian who had lived through the Civil War, said at the time of the film’s White House showing, “It’s like writing history with lightning.”

But there was much howling from the Jewish/Negro quarter. Came the year 1939 and the block-buster feature, “Gone with the Wind”. The only reference to what had to have been the Ku Klux Klan was when some of the men took off to go down some place to clean out a den of thieves and robbers. There were depictions of Carpet Baggers but no mention that these had all been Jews from the North and that General Grant had issued a proclamation expelling them from the South as such.

It’s only gotten worse. MUCH worse.

They have a stage play now about Alexander Hamilton full of niggers in the cast. Total falsification of history, Stalinist style.

The truth is that people these days and for a long time past don’t have a thought in their heads that wasn’t planted there by the Jewish media. Think about it. If not this media then from where? And then you wonder why things are the way they are?

And then this: People like the Nazis and the Klan are the worst kind of evil imaginable!! They have NO POWER, NO INFLUENCE and yet they, somehow, represent the problem. Think about it. I shouldn’t have to go on.

There has to be a NEW MEDIA. A White racialist media geared to the good of the White folk. This media presently will have to be SHUT DOWN, completely and all at once. I recall Manson’s having said that when the television goes off, half the population will go insane right away with the other half just sitting in front of the blank screen waiting for it to come back on. When it DOES come back on, it will be with a SWASTIKA to get things kicked off.

It was exactly this same way in Germany in the 1920s. And it was thought that the German theater, cinema, etc., could not even survive minus the Jewish input. But it did survive and went on to quickly THRIVE. There was in Hollywood what was called the “Gothic” period in horror films. Hardly “Gothic”, it was these Jews having hauled-ass from out of Germany – realizing that their game was up with the coming of Hitler and the Nazis – and taken up position in Hollywood with their horror films, etc. Note that there WERE NO horror films produced in Nazi Germany.

The book burnings by the German college students in 1933. Can you not say that there is PLENTY of trash literature in abundance today which -for the sake of our people – OUGHT TO BE BURNED??!!

Nothing, no one should be “free” to poison the culture and, thus, the very people themselves. Nothing, no one, should be “free” to introduce CONFUSION and DISTORTION into the culture and, thereby, to harm the well-being of the people.

Lies and distortion CAN BE identified and called as such. Whenever they are, they must be eliminated.

“Modern art”. Total bullshit. Dangerous when presented and accepted as anything serious. Hitler organized exhibitions of degenerate art and presented it AS SUCH. And its power was thus broken over the people.

This “modern music”. For well over a half century these idiots have been jumping around up on stage, with that carefully cultivated bummy look, with their guitars and drums, merely screaming and grunting, and making millions of dollars off the fools. (With Jews in the background, always.) The nigger “musicians” even worse, of course.

Genuine culture has DIED and will have to be RESURRECTED!

 Pornography will have to be eliminated altogether. One of my favorite Stalin stories has it that when presented with examples of some of the pornography recently seized by some of his secret police, his comment was, “Do people really do this sort of thing?” It is anti-life. In NS Germany, there was GESUNDE EROTIKA… or healthy eroticism, geared toward the strengthening of the ARYAN BIRTHRATE. To the Jewish mindset, it is the sex act; To the Aryan mindset, it has to be the CHILD.

To wipe out the source of the foul poison that has been killing our people is first. To refill the airwaves with information and entertainment may be a case of crawling before one can walk or run. But what could be more worthy or important?

To report the news as it should be reported will be an easy task. To raise up a new generation of actors and writers for a reborn Hollywood will be a higher challenge but it has to be done.

But we MUST and we WILL retake the course and content of our own culture and, thereby, the health and well-being of our people.



An American Nazi Looks at “The Holocaust”



Probably my own first, personal glimpse at a sight from what later became known as “The Holocaust” was a double-page spread in one of my father’s mens magazines. A huge pit filled with dead, emaciated bodies. Wow! Here was a sight not often – if ever – encountered. Certainly not thus far in my young lifetime. The year no doubt was around 1961. It was also around the time of the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann by Jews in Argentina and the sensation arising from that. Prior to that time, not much.

Years later Commander Rockwell wrote that his was happening when it was in answer to renewed, world-wide Nazi activity as spearheaded by himself and his American Nazi Party. It only just makes sense. At the kangaroo court held by the so-called “Allies” in Nuremberg during 1945-1946, defendants such as Hermann Goering were tying the prosecution up in knots until films from some of the concentrations camps were brought forth. This more than “levelled” the playing field in favor of the prosecution. It stunned and sickened even the German defendants. From that point it was all downhill for them until the time of the hangings each of which was conveniently “botched” to last up to half an hour before death finally ensued.

Can one believe their eyes? Short answer, yes. But exactly what was it they were seeing? Horrific scenes from camps located in the west such as Belsen and Buchenwald. Places where starvation had begun setting in months before due to the total disruption of any transport by “Allied” dominance in the air. Were the Germans to permit their own good citizens to starve before inmates of criminal facilities? That alongside mass outbreaks of typhus is what created all that carnage.

Heinrich Himmler is well-known for having begun negotiations with the brother of the King of Sweden and the Swedish Red Cross to start getting some of these inmates out and to where they could be better cared for. This kind of testimony at Nuremberg or any place else would have been most inconvenient for the “Allies” and so Himmler was murdered while in British custody (contrary to popular mythology that he committed suicide.) As for Count Bernadotte? He was murdered some years later in Palestine by Jewish terrorists.

United States Senator from Ohio, Robert Taft, was at the time outspoken against the concept of these so-called “war crimes trials” on the basis of two things: Ex Post Facto law which meant that the “laws” and the “charges” all were created after the fact expressly to fit those to be charged with “something”; And the fact that the victors were the accusers, judge, jury and executioner. A legal and moral outrage. AT the time when the so-called “United Nations” had already been formed, the thing to have done – if all of this was even for real – would have been to choose nations which had been neutral throughout the war. Nations such as Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and so forth.

But to think thus is to entirely miss the point. Roosevelt’s brainchild, the “United Nations”, was brought into being at the height of the Second World War. The target? You guessed it. Just when the war was turning clearly against the Axis – meaning Europe itself – all of those many second-and-third-rate countries of the world unmistakably were getting the message that they’d  better now fall into line with the way that the wind was blowing if they cared at all about their own future. The “Allies” themselves had demonstrated they’d not stop at invading and occupying sovereign nations such as Iran, Iceland and those of North Africa.

The great masses of people are really, really stupid. Always have been. Always will be. And the World Enemy knows this the best. And he makes the best use of it.

Total hypocrisy. Total illegality. All of it artificially draped in the robes of the highest of morality and the highest of legality. Easy done when your opponents literally have no power or voice. What there was at the close of the Second World War was a COMPLETE LOCK upon the Earth by the forces of the World Enemy, the Jews and their accomplices. That is the sad fact. And to hell with any view toward any Third World locale, look instead to the formerly White nations – victor and vanquished alike – and see what they have degenerated into after close to a century of Jewish domination. You may then begin to see who is the attacker and who is the attacked.

The Second World War was engineered by World Jewry to physically TAKE OUT its serious opposition in the world, to SILENCE it and, ever afterward, to CRIMINALIZE it. It is right here that “The Holocaust” comes in. It is right here where any rational and intelligent discussion ends. Emotion and reaction and, should that fail, quasi-legal persecution take over. You can’t even QUESTION this just like you once couldn’t question the Earth revolving around the Sun.

And now perhaps we get into the meat of the issue.

What did I know about the Jews as a fourteen-year-old kid when I joined Rockwell’s Youth Movement? Only that I liked them as entertainers, etc. Rockwell himself was one of the first pioneers – the lonely few – who were strenuously debunking “The Holocaust” even though that name had yet to become the trademark which it is today. He was made out to appear as a complete “nut” when up against such “evidence” as those pictures I began this article with. Here was a tremendous challenge. We today enjoy TONS of material, literature and evidence of our own which literally demolishes the big lie of the so-called “Holocaust”. Rockwell had not this luxury.

Rockwell cited the experiment he tried in about 1958 when he submitted a totally fictitious concoction of his own to one men’s magazine centered around “Nazi atrocities”. As he revealed, they not only accepted the story for publication, paid him for it but they produced their own illustrations to accompany it! Conclusion? Any damned lie – so long as it seems to come from the “proper” and “accepted” angle – can expect to be published as FACT. Most oddly enough, I did the very same thing myself while still in middle school. I was a dues-paying member at the time and I wrote a terrible tale on the same theme and submitted it in English class. Never received it back or discovered what kind of grade I may have gotten on it however.

I lived for a time in Poland during the early years of this century. Loved the place and its people. Poland used to house most of the Jews of the world. (Today it is the United States.) And today one would be hard-pressed to bump into a Jew in Poland. They went somewhere. Of course, I visited Auschwitz. A damned nice place, I thought. I’ve been myself in far worse lock-ups right over here. (And the “gas chamber” and  crematoria were located well OUTSIDE the compound wire meaning that no one went there unless they were ALREADY DEAD.)

The Jews carefully hung all of this “criminal activity” onto the German SS. At Nuremberg the SS was declared to be “a criminal organization” so  the lowliest raw recruit was in for a hell of a time. Why this? Because the membership of the SS was literally the best of the best. And the Jews and their communist agenda specifically TARGETS the best of the best, the cream of the crop and all forms of EXCELLENCE. Their goal is a mud and mediocrity planet. One which they can rule over openly.

As a National Socialist and one long-since having been fully apprised on the score behind “The Holocaust” right alongside the role of the Jews in world historic affairs and the tremendous harm they have inflicted upon the White race, I say that I would be greatly disappointed and downright PISSED OFF had not the Germans done their utmost against these people while they had the chance. After all, with the cameras grinding, Hitler did state that, should world Jewry succeed in touching off another world war, the result would be the end of the Jewish race in Europe.

“Gas chambers”? No. It is a disproven lie. Flat out. But it does capture the imagination. The image of “innocent victims” being herded to their deaths at the hands of cold-blooded murderers. Those poor, innocent Jews being done to death on orders of a mad man. There could have been no doubt then or now as to the reaction which could have been expected to a thing of this sort on the part of the masses of people. Calculated to CRIMINALIZE their opponents.

The Jews of the world at that time – and still largely today – had control of the greatest nations of Earth. Churchill was partly Jewish, as was Roosevelt, and I’ll come out on a limb here and state that Stalin too was probably part Jewish. Their regimes were Jewish-dominated. Their respective medias were Jewish-dominated. Each of their agendas mirrored one another. It was more of a subtle world lock at that time. But then came Hitler and action had to be taken.

The mighty Jews were outside his realm and surrounded and attacking Europe. But within his realm Hitler had the bio-mass of the Jews. Where did all the Jews go? The big killings, even as they say, went on in the East where most of the Jews were to be found. The German advance of 1941 was so swift that many of these Jews weren’t able to flee eastward with the Red Army. The Germans along with the White Europeans of these eastern territories FULLY KNEW what these Jews were all about. They WERE the Reds, they WERE the oppressors, the torturers, the overlords of most recent months and years. They KNEW because they had seen and felt it at first hand.

“Now we’ve gotcha!”

And the mass shootings commenced, largely at the hands of the respective native people but under the auspices of the German Army. Mainly Polish old-timers were fond of saying that Hitler had it right when it came to the Jews. Manson said that, “Hitler levelled the karma of the Jews.” A huge clean-up took place. Hallelujah!

But this truth wouldn’t play all that well, that is from the Jewish standpoint, alongside their own Holohoax rendition. But it is true that hell was really packin’ ’em in during the early 1940s.

So much for “The Holocaust”, a work left uncompleted.


The Stormtrooper: Volume One


Today we present you with the first volume of the Stormtrooper compilation. This includes a forward by James Mason as well as the issues of the National Socialist Bulletin which would eventually evolve to the creation of the Stormtrooper Magazine.

The first volume, like the rest soon to come, includes detailed and colored pages, descriptive history, hilarious commentary, and much more. These issues are full of historical content that many have never heard or have simply forgot.

After much hard work and dedication, we hope the readers will enjoy every page of this book.

[UPDATE] We have it available in cheaper Black & White version.


Colored Version:


Black & White Version:





They certainly don’t advertise it and there’s nowhere you may go to get a copy of their strategic plan but the proverbial “eyes with which to see” will tell you that high on the enemy’s preferred list has always been: Never give them the chance to fight. Why this? Because even today, if you were to fight – fight as a people – you’d win.

Had the Rhodesians fought, really fought, they’d still have their country. Had the South Africans really fought, even as the minority which they were, they’d yet be free. They permitted themselves to be sold out from within, betrayed. The price, apart from the degradation of it all? An explosion of rape, murder and general chaos. (Is this sounding at all familiar?)

But things like this never just “happen”. There must be sound and genuine leadership and this, too, has been carefully, scrupulously denied our people by secret masters. Only turds and more sell-outs are allowed to get anywhere near national politics. Not leaders, but managers. Selected, okayed, to manage the gradual downfall of this once-great land and its people. And down to what? Down to a Third World level.

Remember the last time this country or any country of the West was allowed – even encouraged – to really fight? The two disastrous World Wars when the biological best fought the biological best in the name of lies and some happy crap about supposed “democracy”. And all of it at the behest of those conspirators who had wormed their way into power and media. The result? You see it all around you.

Francis Parker Yockey wrote in his “Imperium” that one either fights a true enemy or else he fights himself. Of course, when you fight yourself, you can only lose.

They say and are probably right that the United States citizenry is the most heavily armed in the world. But you’ll never get the chance to use it. They’re depending on you aging, dying and your grandchildren inheriting your guns. And, furthermore, they’re depending on those grandchildren to be non-white. You lose finally and irretrievably. That’s the extended strategy and it is, for their purposes, an apparent winner.

Under the conditions which they have brought about through their media, their sell-out politicians and their having ram-rodded through so-called “integration” decades ago – plus the ruination of the culture, the plague of dope, the explosion of queerism, etc. – all that remains to seal the deal is time and proximity. A sure thing unless something gets changed. An “accident”? I don’t think anyone that deeply asleep would even be reading this.

The country has gone to hell with the citizens fully armed. It has gone to hell with many of the citizens at least still voting (but always for those same shit-hook candidates picked for them by their worst enemies.) It has gone to hell nominally under its precious Constitution. It has gone to hell with its imagined “free press”, long ago having been brought and otherwise monopolized by its mortal enemies. It has gone to hell right under its old flag, the red, white & blue.

Outrages the number of and kind of which we dared not even dream of in the 1960s are rampant and customary. From within and without we are assailed by colored trash and are told that we must bend over and grab the ankles. “Candles and Teddy Bears.” We are told we must hold to “legalities”. We need to be told, just as Goebbels told the German people: “People arise and let the storm break loose!”

Again I stress, there is not only no leadership, there is what amounts to ANTI-LEADERSHIP. An all-consuming VOID of anything remotely positive to guide our people. That and, again, a poisonous media which keeps them down and divided, brain-raped and in far too many instances turned against their own people and best interests.

You will not be granted a chance to fight. It has been the height of folly for decades, generations, for those of a nationalistic or racialistic bent to have hidden behind the delusion of having their weapons on hand. Life a “blue blanket” while the colored tide, the mud flood steadily arose around them.

Now to harsher reality.

We attempted to force the issue ourselves during the latter stages of the last century. Good and brave men sacrificed everything in the name of sparking a fighting revolution in this country. In the name of the Fourteen Words they sacrificed and died. And God bless them all. All was given. But the spark didn’t catch. All honor to them but let that lesson be well taken.

ANP 554

It’s rather like two sides of the same coin. While Whites as a people are to be denied the opportunity to fight for their sovereignty and survival by the machinations of the occupying enemy, then we – as the remnant – must deny to the same enemy any sort of target. High-profile won’t work. Grand-stand plays won’t work. They’ve been tried over and over with diminishing results as the population sinks ever deeper into its death slumber. And we cannot afford – never could afford – to sell ourselves cheaply for any reason. It has been tried. It has not worked.

Joseph Tommasi in 1974 declared that the White Man has lost. He was right. When you lose all control over all of your national institutions to a hostile enemy, what else can you call it? But that needs to be SEEN and acknowledged for what it is. Only then can something really begin. One cannot proceed on delusion.

As a child, when they would quote to me things like “Turn the other cheek” and “Love your enemy”, my instinctive response – even as a child – ranged from total disinterest to revulsion. Who needed this after all? This was alien to any proud American, any proud White. But that was the Fifties. This is nearing the second decade of the 21st Century. This have altered. Context has proved to have been the key.

With the Roman Empire, as rotten and corrupt as it has become, those being conquered by that System did try running out with sword and flame against the odds. We know how they wound up. And nothing changed. The idea was to survive and to go on as a remnant so as to be able to influence, even to MAKE the future once the current filthy and rotten System collapsed. Those who followed this instruction, and those who fully understood the score, were liberators or the liberated. The “barbarians”.

A big pill to swallow, I know. But no bigger than the falsity of the so-called “Holocaust”. And unless one does get this fully digested he is condemned to go round and round in unending delusion and mystification.

“Resist not evil.” That’s the short and sweet – and clean – way of saying as Manson did that the best and only way of dealing with outrageous bullshit was not to bat it back and forth but to let it drop to the ground and die there. Die there while you go on about your far more important business.

The litigious society. A parable lesser known of Outlaws has to do with avoiding at all cost your involvement with the officer, the magistrate and the jailer. Easy it is to get involved with the State. Hard it is to get uninvolved. “Avoid even the appearance of evil.” Commander Rockwell might have used this one himself had he not been so committed to staying clear of any religious overtone. It simply meant, as he himself stressed over and over, that the strictest adherence to non-criminality must be maintained in order to… not make of ourselves easy targets for the waiting Jew system and its police.

On and on I might go with this sort of illustration, but hopefully some by now are getting the point.

There will nevertheless be losses. Witness the arrest of Charles Manson himself. He had been deemed too effective, too dangerous. He was set up by them and criminalized, in hopes that would stop the movement then.

Jewels of information and truth can be found in all sorts of places. My father was a great collector of the magazine National Geographic. At that time all so-called native peoples were represented as exactly what they were: Merely part of the local flora and fauna. Sometimes to be exploited. Sometimes to be handled as dangerous gadflys. Never to be taken seriously. Today’s version of National Geographic has crumbled and deteriorated right apace with everything else. Sickening to make the comparison.

One particular issue recently devoted to the topic of the Apostles revealed something to me eminently worth sharing here. While literally each and every photographic representation of a “modern Christian” was of some disgusting Third Worlder, there was let slip a short quote from the Roman historian, Tacitus. He was speaking of the recent persecutions of Christians following the burning of Rome. He expressed doubt that they had any involvement in the arson but rather that it was used as an excuse to go after them because of “their hatred of humanity.”

The first “haters”!

History does repeat.

We have a heavy responsibility with all of this and only through the fullest awareness and most careful procedure can we hope to render justice to it. Outlasting total destruction, be there to ensure racial survival.

ANP 397


Why Does the System So Hate “Fascism”?


I originally was going to entitle this piece, “Why Does the Left So Hate ‘Fascism’?” But it isn’t just the left, it’s the whole System which includes the Left. Note that they don’t “hate” communism. Maybe they’ll deride it at times as having been a failed economic system and perhaps a wee bit on the “repressive” side. But “hate”, no. Hate requires strong emotion and that just isn’t there whenever the System media brings up communism. But it’s certainly there whenever Fascism is taken up.

Of course, being rational and objective in these things is to miss the point but still it is a good starting place.

Whenever I would address student groups at schools during the 1980s, I would toss out a series of questions as to who the supposed greatest mass murderer of all history was according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Mao Tse Tung came in first with a score of about 50,000,00; Stalin was second with a tally of about 30,000,000 and Hitler came in a distant third with a mere 12,000,000. And yet, when most people think of a mass murderer, they think of Hitler.

I would ask these high schoolers – political science majors – how many G.I. soldiers died in the Second World War. Nobody knew. I would ask them how many Jews died and they all knew. And the figure that they all knew was nothing more than baloney at that. More than strange?

But again I stress, do not miss the point here. An important tale is thus being both implied and established here at the same time.

I’m still being told of news items such as, if I am recounting it correctly, a German SS veteran in his nineties who had been a radio operator at Auschwitz who was only recently sentenced to five years for his role in “The Holocaust”. At the same time, it does slip out that in none of the formerly Soviet Bloc countries – including Russia itself – were any of the communist overlords ever brought to any kind of justice. This is a tale screaming very loudly.

It’s a tale of just who’s “touchable” and who is “untouchable”. And who would decide and enforce a thing like that? Why, only those in ultimate control. According to this then, 50,000,000 Russians don’t count. 30,000,000 Chinese don’t count. A quarter of a million American servicemen don’t count. And, more to the point, more Germans who died after the war than during the war don’t count either. (But of course, THEY HAD IT COMING TO THEM for daring to touch the untouchable.)

Then to the matter of just why it remains “Fascism” that is the prime epithet of these mindsets and not “Nazism”. It’s very twisty and turny. When they do at times give mention to the latter, it is almost always in the form of “Neo-Nazis”, or, literally, “New Nazis”. This beats me. I’m not a “New” Nazi. I am just a Nazi. But one does have to keep one thing in mind here at all time: Before 1945, we were a Party; After 1945, we have been a Religion.

However I believe it can be positively traced to this: As Hitler stated in Mein Kampf, he would have never believed it possible that Bolshevism could be turned back were it not for the example of the Fascists in Italy under the leadership of Benito Mussolini. Indeed, it was Lenin who said, “When we lost Mussolini, we lost Italy.” And as that German SS veteran in his nineties could tell you, these types don’t forget.

The honest and objective person outside the movement – should there even exist such a thing – needs to ask themselves these things. In some of my earlier writings, I suggested to the reader that, should you ever want to get a sense of what the scene of hatred must have been like that day at Calvary two thousand years ago, just view the footage of the scene in Milan in April of 1945 when the bodies of the murdered Mussolini, his mistress and some of his aides were desecrated and displayed publicly – not by the Italian people – but by Red Star Brigades of communists.

And exactly what “crimes” had Mussolini been guilty of? Stop and ask that of yourself for a moment.

Why, he was guilty of the greatest crime of all. He not only awoke in himself to the false and deadly communist premise, he formed an organization which defeated it in his homeland of Italy. That plus giving hope and encouragement to the other anti-communists around Europe and the world. His government, which lasted for two decades, was the best and most stable in Italy’s history. In helping to overturn it once general war had broken out and general madness and lawlessness prevailed, this country happily allied itself with such forces as the communists and the Mafia. The truth once again cries out.

How few have considered together the sign of the Cross and the name of Fascism? Setting aside for the moment any thought of the supernatural with regard to the sign of the Cross, the early Christians took the symbol of murder, shame and martyrdom and made it their own. What a bold step, would scare the hell out of the weak and faint-hearted. Would tell their enemies that their own best effort had failed ultimately. One reason I never deny or disown Fascism.

Point being, that symbol then could get you killed. And today, that name could well get you the same with the right – or wrong – circumstances. Such is the carefully cultivated hatred.

It was the System then and it is the System today. It was and is the Jews behind both. And they were in control of the West just as much as they were the East during the Twentieth Century as well as on into the present. It is the SYSTEM. Watch ho wit behaves and operates.

I had long grown disgusted by all representation of the Spanish Civil War of the Nineteen Thirties because they all hailed the losing communist side as having been the “heroes” of that vicious and brutal struggle. Nowhere was there to be found a true representation. Why? Because the Fascist had been the victors. It had a truly happy ending. Franco had been shrewd enough to have kept his country out of the general war and had managed to survive. Otherwise, he too might have been strung up in a square in Madrid. (Contact International Historic Films for their catalogue and a source for the best documentary on this largely unknown chapter in recent history.)

They today condemn Chilean General Pinochet for having ousted the communist Allende and having killed a great many of his followers in the process. He was a “Fascist”. What? They’d have preferred a communist Spain and Chile? They tell on themselves.

At the very height of the Cold War and in the midst of the great Conservative backlash of the Fifties and Sixties, it was correctly observed – perhaps even by the John Birch Society – that, to the mind of the trained communist, anyone is a “Fascist” who consciously and openly opposes communism.

And make no mistake, it doesn’t have to identify itself as communism. They know what they’re about. A myriad of “social” and “progressive” fronts. Anything “liberal”. Certainly anything “leftist”. Anything that has at its core the dismantling of White Civilization. And with the dismantling of that, the erasure of the White race itself. That has always been the business of the Jews and all of their dupes and tools.

You see, and as I have stated, they have all the ease and luxury. They have governments, economies, militaries, medias, etc., on their side. It as yet remains in the conspiracy stage but it is very real and most effective. When they had it ALL and in the OPEN, as in the case of Bolshevik Russia, it was mass murder.  Undisguised. Hitler and the sacrifice of Germany made an end to that. And they hate Hitler ahead of anyone or anything on Earth, ever before in history. (Take away the falsehood of the “gas chambers” and what do you have left? Hitler dared to TOUCH the supposedly UNTOUCHABLE!)

We, on the other hand enjoy no such luxury. We have no citadel. No back-up. No fall-back. No publicly recognized or universally hailed “hero leaders” such as the media built-up scoundrels idolized by the left. The Second World War took care of that. Or at least it was supposed to have done. But, thanks to George Lincoln Rockwell, we have taken on, and adopted as our own, that symbol of shame and defeat, of infamy and all things vile – according to the World Enemy who presently calls all the shots and names all the names – the Swastika.

And whereas the symbol of the Cross no longer drives them into a frenzy as it once did – its role in the history of our race having played itself out – the symbol of the Swastika certainly does. The deluded masses of our own people curse and hate it: The symbol of their own EARTHLY salvation. But the ENEMY knows what it represents. As long as there are those who hold it sacred, the Enemy knows his battle can never safely be called won.

The Enemy fully knows why he hates. The duped masses hate but they don’t really know why.

It is a situation that can be reversed. But it’ll require a miracle to accomplish.

We do not have much time left for the White race, as it is so diminished that the Earth no longer possesses any true destiny. A fool could see that a climax approached. All there is to do is work, brace and wait.

When I was still working as a retail security agent, the thieves – made arrogant by all the “civil rights” bullshit – would boldly declare to us that, “You can’t touch me!” That was a guarantee that they were to get “touched”, then and there – and take a sudden trip, face-down, to the concrete floor.

I’d like to be around to repeat that action on a grand scale.




Full detailed scans of every Stormtrooper issue from 1963, like the 1962 editions, these are highly offensive, racist, sexist, and every other negative “ist” that there is out there. Their battles, rallies, meetings and victories all available within these issues, with news on the World Union of National Socialists and mentions of iconic figures such as Colin Jordan. The Vault has been updated with the link to download.


Cranking up the Production



Today, one of the greatest men whoever lived was born. As Americans are mourning the World Trade Center attacks that also happened on this day thanks to our ‘greatest ally’ Israel. We are not wasting our energy on tears.

Today, we are not mourning, we are celebrating the birth of who is considered to be the Godfather of our movement, Dr. William Luther Pierce.


Dr. William Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance, author of the Turner Diaries & Hunter, fought for National Socialism until the day he died. From the day he saw the decay of America around him and decided he had to take action, he found himself working closely with George Lincoln Rockwell, and even after the death of Rockwell and the failure of the NSWPP, Dr. Pierce had the will and the courage to push on to eventually form the most successful National Socialist outfit here in America.

Even with the heat Dr. Pierce had received from the right and left wings for stepping on toes and fighting the System with a fiery passion, he is remembered today as one of the greatest in our struggle, and nothing he has ever written or said has ever become dated. Everything he has given us still remains fresh and timeless.


As it is our task to ensure that our heroes are never forsaken or forgotten, we give our respect and gratitude to a father, a leader, a teacher, and a hero.

We will never forget you, and neither will the youth of generations to come.

Cattle die, kinsmen die, and so must one die oneself. But one thing I know which never dies — the fame of a dead man’s deeds.



On the 31st of August in 2017, we successfully published SIEGE. This made acquiring physical copies of James Mason’s masterwork far more accessible and easier, which has greatly appealed to those who prefer to have their books in physical format rather than reading off of a PDF.

Mr. Mason and I would like to thank every one of you who supported and spread this project far and wide, we have been very grateful and fortunate to be able to accomplish our goals. Taking the worldview and taking it to the extreme offensive is what matters most. Now that the cat is officially out of the bag, we have some more announcements.


Some of you already being aware of this development, you would know that with the release of SIEGE, what is going to follow is a string of forgotten history and unseen files from the days of previous movements. Including PDFs of Stormtrooper magazine scans, National Socialist World, and many more.

With the NSLF book we have been working on, we have a wealth of information, but unfortunately we do not have all of it. We are actively searching for any members who were associated with the NSLF or knew Joseph Tommasi. What we would like to do is get some interviews as well as pictures from the era, and however much more information that we can to complete this book. If you have anything to contribute, or you can help us get in contact with anyone who could help, you may reach us at our contact page. On James Mason’s end, he is doing what he can as well, and we both want to hear from anyone who can help.



Again, as stated earlier, we have more than what we need to put out the rest of the material, but interviews with former ANP/NSWPP members would be extremely helpful. This however does not have to be limited to only members of those operations, but we are looking out for people who were associated with any unit of the era (or organizations that came after, such as the National Alliance) that can offer us historic information. Whatever is sent to us, we will gladly publish it.

We do not want to leave any rocks unturned, we want to ensure that none of our true heroes are ever forsaken as history continues. Nothing will be left in the dust.


We have received questions in regards to Mason’s other works such as the Theocrat, One Verse Charlies, etc. These are still in the process of being completed. We have huge developments coming up, and any set backs we have is not an issue whatsoever. No matter what, we will push forward. At this moment, there is nothing more important to us than giving our martyrs, heroes and champions the credibility and praise they they truly deserve.

Every book, video and picture will be made available for free online on top of being available in pristine physical format. And, as always, we will continue with the weekly SIEGE articles that we have been doing. Just keep up with us to keep posted. As I said, the cat is out of the bag now, and nothing is going to stop PROJECT: SIEGE from being fulfilled.



The Greatest Generation


This is a term that’s been heard more over the course of the past twenty years or so. It’s something which struck me at the beginning as it contains connotation and now, after all this time, I want to get all of its implications solidly down for all to see and understand.

That group being referred to are approximately those from which my own parents sprang, having been born at about the time of the First World Way, having fought in the Second World War and having sired the so-called “Baby Boomer” generation of which I am a member (even though I dislike the sound of the title.) It is said that those remaining are dying at the rate of six hundred per day. Soon there’ll be no more.

But I want to begin by emphasizing that, yes, they were the Greatest Generation. Here is where all similarity between my take on this and all of the others ends.
Why were they the Greatest Generation? Simply because they represented the absolute height of White Civilization and society. After them, it was downhill all the way. And I include and condemn my own generation in this in a most profound way. We were the first generation to break with the traditions of our ancestors going back a thousand and more years. From that time to this, a little less has been passed along from parent to child with each succeeding generation until there is practically nothing worthwhile remaining.

I distinctly remember even as a child thinking to myself as I observed the world around me that my generation could never hope to measure up that of my parents. What a strange thing for a child to consider. But when the term, “Greatest Generation” was first coined, my suspicions were confirmed although, once again, for quite different reasonings.

The mortal enemies of our people okayed the creation and circulation of this term for their own purposes which are always of a nefarious nature as far as the best interests of our people are concerned. As far as I could see, and it turns out I was right, the subsequent generations weren’t made of the same mettle as that of my parents. That, by default, placed them at the top of the grid. Not a happy thing. Our enemies, on the other hand, decided that it might serve their secret agenda by “honoring” those who had permitted themselves to be duped into going to war to fight their brethren in Europe who – ironically enough – were equally part of that same “Greatest Generation”.

While I lamented the downward turn of affairs for White Civilization, the common enemy heralded it as the dawn of their own great day… which we see the symptoms of all around us and spreading like the proverbial cancer.

“They saved the world.” This short statement comes usually in conjunction with the afore mentioned appellation. But while they most surely were the Greatest Generation, and for the reasons I have cited, they sadly did not save the world. No. Rather, they not only left the world in awful jeopardy, they were duped into shattering the very essence of the spirit which was the very foundation of White Civilization: Racial awareness, unity and loyalty. From that point onward to today, everything they supposed they had been fighting for – their “way of life” – no longer had a leg to stand upon morally. And downward it gradually began to go.


Instead, it was the other portion of the world-wide, white “Greatest Generation” which truly saved the world. Specifically, those heroes and martyrs of Germany and its allied, European states, who rose to the tremendous challenge of preventing Jewish Bolshevism from rolling across all of Europe as it was set to do by the summer of 1941. This was total sacrifice. And, of the so-called “Allies”, their mission was accomplished in historic terms.

 During the Sixties, it was not an uncommon thing, especially for me as a member of a National Socialist outfit, to encounter German veterans who had immigrated to the United States following the war. They wondered at nothing nor were they perplexed at anything. They had known what they were fighting for – as well as against – and they too gave it their all. With defeat came every harsh reality that their leaders had warned them of. Yet they had performed their duty magnificently. Hail to them all and especially those who lived to see the collapse of the Soviet Union. Vindication!

Conversely, I well recall my own father – who had served in the United States Navy from 1938 until 1945 and had seen the worst there was – hating and despising all that he saw developing within his own beloved country post war. What the hell was going on!? This isn’t what he had fought for. And all of his comrades, insofar as I could tell, felt exactly the same way. I remember the evening a friend of mine and I dropped into a tavern just outside my old home town in Ohio and saw some poor devil, obviously a victim of shell shock, at the bar. Jerking violently as though the burst were still going off all around him, he tried to enjoy his beer. We engaged him in conversation and he revealed that his condition had occurred during the Battle of Kaserine in Tunisia against Rommel’s Afrika Korps in 1943. At the end of it all, his indication was that, should he have it to do all over again, this time he would be WITH Rommel and not against him.


These days even I still regularly have coffee with former customers of mine from my days in the professional world. World War Two veterans now in their nineties but still sharp and vital (and providing much personal hope for those of my own age group.) A genuine pleasure to sit and converse with those of my own background and values. I take the place of my own father who has been gone for a very long time. They wonder what went wrong. What has happened to their country. One of them hints at what I am stating here but, generally, they cannot or do not dare to make the connection. And I do not press the issue. Why, after all?

But with an immediate menace successfully stymied, that of militant Jewish Bolshevism, what with the impelling of American Forces into Europe at the collapse of Germany to see through the Cold War to its conclusion, there was hand-in-hand the sharp and steady decline of Western society and all the subsequent generations. And not just in America but in each and every White nation. A threat just as deadly and stemming from the same source, just not as sudden or as imminent and one which we ourselves are guilty of being “in bed with”, of providing it with the “legal entry”. The final round, the “death dream”, or “death sleep”, if you will.

That total loss of moral footing which came as a result of the Second World War when the Jews behind the scene sought to “criminalize” everything which a nation must have in order to perpetuate and advance itself by associating it with “Nazi Germany”, that “most evil of all societies and political regimes”. After all, why had our own heroes fought and died? The answer, again, that no one can countenance, is that they were all lied to and duped, USED to go and fight a war basically against themselves, against literally their own brothers. Brothers, by the way, whose own societies were approximately just like their own with one critical difference: The leaders, the governments, the media, etc., on the Axis side were truly representative of and acting in full accordance with the best national interests of their respective people. Not so in the West or the East where secret agenda having nothing to do with the welfare of the people but quite to the contrary.

The treason, the sell-out, the brainwash, etc., all kept up apace. I witnessed it all and hated instinctively every bit of it.

The political scene has been one of “Conservative” versus “Liberal”, or so it is thought. But the “Conservative” of today would more resemble the “Liberal” of several decades ago. Hence the steady, uninterrupted downhill decline of the Western societies. The key to the understanding of this phenomenon is this: The Liberals have at their backs the hard-shell and essentially Communist establishment with all the force of high finance, government and media. The Conservatives have only – exactly as the title presumes – only “what’s left”. And that much is dwindling all the time.

What’s worse, they can’t effectively fight back with the one weapon that could win for them: The issue of RACE. That has been assigned – even by them – to the anathema world of “Hitler and the Nazis”, who “we” fought. And “we” couldn’t possibly have been misled, right?

The Greatest Generation. The highest height before the decline. That is a historic trend if ever there was one. You can see it in Rome, in Greece, in the whole of Classical Civilization. Now it is the turn of Western Civilization. That is precisely the point at which we find ourselves at present. Just as with Rome in the Year Zero, still dominant in the world economically and militarily but rapidly dying of unchecked internal cancer. And as this country moves from White to Third World, a certain tipping point approaches.

One might despair were he not aware of every bit of this was fully anticipated and written of – prophesied – thousands of years ago. Had Hitler and those wonderful heroes of long ago somehow managed to stalemate the war and to have survived, then all of that prophecy of much longer ago would have been invalidated. There was a critical job to do and they did it. But what was written then has but to play itself out to the very last letter.


During the meantime, what of the individual? Awareness and faith. Awareness and faith. Awareness in not being fooled into believing in or being part of the game. Faith not in anything blind but in loyalty to the traditions of our own noble ancestors who built White Civilization over the course of the centuries, before our own institutions were invaded and compromised – turned against us – by the very enemies of the White Race.

Maybe, just perhaps, the Greatest Generation will be yet to come.



The SIEGE Storefront


Just recently we have opened a new page where we will be hosting all products that are put out by Siegeculture that are up for purchase, to separate from downloadable content that is available in the Vault.


Today we have opened a shop that will host t-shirts with designs by James Mason & our team, which will be added to the storefront as they come out. We deeply appreciate the support we gained from SIEGE, and a lot more is on the way as usual. Updates on the release of titles such as the book on Joseph Tommasi and the NSLF, the Theocrat, and other titles will be listed in the Vault, or simply follow our Twitter page for regular updates.

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