One Hundred Years of Failure?


It was during the summer of 1967 that Commander Rockwell wrote his second book, “White Power”. He had then a much easier go of it than he had in getting published his first book, “This Time the World”. Such was the degree of development of his American Nazi Party over the preceding five years or so. Both books became blockbusters and are still in print, albeit on the underground press. The tragic part was that he was dead about the time the first edition of the book appeared.

But Chapter Twelve of that book was entitled, “Fifty Years of Failure”, and dealt with the abysmal record of the U.S. Right Wing in being able to do anything about Jewish-Communist inroads against decent, White American society. That of course was fifty years ago. And so now I entitle this piece, “One Hundred years of Failure?”

However note that I have included a question mark in my title. No, I will not trudge on in futile criticism even if it should be found appropriate. Yes, the so-called Right Wing/Alt Right has failed and shall always fail. Those identifying with that cause will continue to find themselves bereft of all hope. It is a losing proposition. Perhaps Commander Rockwell was making the same point fifty years ago when he stressed that we, as National Socialists, are NOT PART OF the right wing/far right.

The Commander began that chapter, “Had I been born a thousand years ago, I would have been a leftist.” Meaning that things were rough, exceedingly so. White civilization was only then starting to be able to get up onto its feet after nearly a thousand years of darkness following the collapse of Classical civilization. I know one thing, the Commander would have been on the side of civilization.

I’ve said it that when circumstances dictate that there is no room for bullshit, then there’ll be no bullshit. And there was no room absolutely for any sort of bullshit a thousand years ago. The best, the strongest would lead and the rest would follow. Period. It was survival,. Without this firm grasp of reality, we would have never withstood the onslaughts of Moors, Turks, Huns and Mongols.

My favorite scene from the film, “Braveheart”, was when Edward I (the great English king who expelled all Jews from his realm) caught some asshole whispering garbage into the ear of the queen, and without hesitation, flung him out of the tower window. Thus perish all “liberals”, all shit-disturbers.

And it lasted and Merry Old England would thrive until the civil war of the 1600s when Oliver Cromwell permitted the Jews to reenter England. So our problems of today found their root.

What can you really expect while tolerating “a little cancer” within your body or your brain?

We were forbidden from “money handling” or usury”. But the Jews were not. So bring in filthy Jews to handle your filthy money affairs, right? But the Jews have long had a saying, “Give me control over a country’s gold and I care not who writes its laws.” Aside from that, they had to mind their “P”s and “Q”s as they were originally expelled on account of the growing charges against them of ritual child murder. So they bided their time.

They sank their roots deep and took a deadly hold before revealing their hand this time. Before it could be realized, it was too late.

And still the “love affair” with these Jews goes on.

Today we are broken. It’s not a game of “Left Wing” versus “Right Wing” any longer, as if it ever was. It’s just that before things get too bad one may be able to continue fooling himself into believing that he can master the situation on his own.

Fools in the past have called for a return to “a kinder, gentler time.” Fools today call for “an earnest turning to the Lord.” They say, “Pray for our leaders.” When this society departed from its White ways and admitted colored into its bosom, that spelled the end of kind and gentle times and the opening of the way to savagery and degeneracy. When we as a people forgot that RACE is the foundation of everything then we began electing traitors and sell-outs into government and surrendered everything, every recourse we once had to solve our own problems as a free and sovereign people.

One doesn’t “pray” types. They FIGHT them!

There were no Jews or coloreds on any frontier except those whom we encountered in our way and were required to KILL.

Once things settled down, however, became much more “civilized” and safe, then slowly incrept the merchants and the money lenders. There became “leisure time” and the opportunity for bullshit thought and action. Former slaves were granted citizenship. Jews introduced their poisonous lie of human “equality”. (And don’t quote to me the documents authored by the Founding Fathers about “all men are created equal” as these were mainly slave holders and were speaking only about other Whites.)

Media monopoly accomplished the rest until Whites today make a sad and sorry comparison with their Viking ancestors.

But it isn’t new.

This is how high civilizations have always died. Same causes, same symptoms. Except for two things: This time it has been deliberately RED-LINED and this time there is no frontier to retire or in order to begin afresh.

We as a people might begin to sort this out were it not for, #1, a hostile, alien clique of Jews and fellow travellers in control of all opinion-forming media and positions of sensitivity and power and, #2, a vast and increasing body of colored aliens right in our own midst as “fellow citizens”. This amounts to a DEATH TRAP unless and until sufficient Whites can come to a full awareness of the nature of the situation.

And “Right Wingism or Alt Right” is nothing but a game. Has always been. “A little more of this and a little less of that.” We’ll either be a people unto ourselves again or we’ll cease to exist as a people. Then where will your bullshit of “Left” or “Right” be? Ask this to any of the billions of poor bastards caught in the Third World. Nothing for them matters anymore as they have already lost it all and forever.

So “A Hundred Years of Failure?” Yes, when one looks at it as a bunch of amateur game-players up against the master game-players of all time: The Jews.

There never was a time for game-playing. But previously there was a lot more room for escapism and excuse-making. That’s about all but dried up now.

Do you realize that the tables could be turned in an instant in our favor should this kind of awareness become general?

More mesmerism than anything else. And, unless I am mistaken, Mesmer was a Jew who came up with hypnotism. More “Emperor’s New Clothes” than anything else. Commander Rockwell long ago stated that there were more people out there who knew and felt the real score than most imagine. But this enemy alien control over taste-making has everyone convinced that they are all alone in a world governed by “P.C.”.

That spell – for a spell it is – must be broken.

“A Hundred Years of Failure?” For game-players, yes. For the march of history and the iron laws of reality, no. This shit we see today doesn’t work. Hasn’t ever worked. Will never work. The Soviet Union fell because enough at the top who weren’t Jews saw that crap had never worked and it was time to give up the game.

I do not say to place any faith or confidence is any of these swine in government here today.

I do say that with the aid of our own White genius – in the form of the internet – with the TRUTH as our weapon we can awaken sufficient numbers of our people so as to be able to at least AFFECT something to the positive and for the first time in over a hundred years.




Those familiar with prison life will instantly recognize “P.C.” as synonymous with “Protective Custody” or “Punk City”. But the more recent application of P.C. has been and is “Politically Correct”. Everyone knows this. However it seems no one pauses to ask the important question: Politically correct according to who, to what?

This is one hell of an admission when one stops to consider it.

It means that there exists a rather rigid “standard”, if that is the right word, of speech and behavior. When I was a very young person there most certainly was a standard of speech and behavior, not to mention of dress, morals, appearance, even hygiene, etc. But that’s all gone it seems. It’s been replaced. We can see what it is but, again, who replaced it?

I didn’t even hear the “F” word until I was about fourteen years of age and I knew instinctively that there was a time and a place for its use. Today little girls are adept at its common usage. I enjoyed going to the carnival and entering the freak shows. But today who’d pay money to see the tattooed man (or woman), the geek, the fat man (or woman) or any description of weirdism when they can be encountered regularly on the city streets?

There was the “Wild Man of Borneo”. He’s everywhere today.

Yes, we had a time and a place for everything. And we knew it. It was the code of behavior. We enjoyed our filthy stories alright. The two biggest genres of the dirty joke involved the sexual pervert and the colored type. Yes, we knew they were there but they were solely the objects of ridicule and derision. We would poke fun at one another by humorously intimating this, or that schoolmate or chum was somehow mixed up in some of this business.

When it came down to seriousness, queers and/or those who would step outside their own race – as rare as this was in those times – could quite easily find themselves at real and immediate risk. It was no more or less than the society caring for itself and its own well being. It was no more or less than the community expression of healthy instinct. But why was it that the government and the media wasn’t backing us up?

Perhaps lesson #1 in becoming aware, in becoming part of the movement, beyond the possession of your own healthy instincts is in learning and in realizing that this nation’s – and every white nation on the earth – own institutions have long ago been usurped by a hostile people, their fellow travellers and the alien agenda which they share. Usurped over a century ago with the full intent of turning them against the people of this land.

That much accomplished long ago, we see today the predictable result upon the general populace.

The freak show has escaped the circus tent and has become the norm. In Europe in the twenties and thirties, Bolshevism was also referred to as “the end of values”. And in Europe in the twenties and thirties, anyone who knew anything realized that Bolshevism was Jewish. And maybe lesson #2 in becoming an aware individual and a prospect for inclusion into this movement is the coming to the knowledge that all of this, every bit of it, stems from the Jewish control, the white sellouts, and “Americanism” over our societies and culture.

A deliberate breaking down of the strictures of our formerly white society. And I say strictures because that’s what they were. Sounds repressive, doesn’t it? And that’s exactly what our racial enemies would call it. They’d call it that and in the same breath raise the cry for “freedom”. But their version of freedom isn’t really freedom at all, it’s anarchy. They’ll set you free so as to be able to destroy yourself.

Lesson #3 might be to learn and to accept that the ONE issue on the fact of this earth is that of RACE. And race only matters to whites because it is they and they alone who have anything to lose genetically. All the rest, the blacks, the browns, and the yellows have either already lost it or they never had it in the first place.

As yourself this: How free are you really to buck the unwritten precepts of so-called “P.C.”?

No, this isn’t  freedom one bit. It is the replacing of one set of standards with another. Or perhaps better put it is the deliberate destruction of all genuine standards and their replacement with a very literal dictatorship of the end of values. That can’t be anything other than a hostile take-over.

What had been, not just in my early years but over a thousand years of white, western civilization, the worst disgraces have now become “okayed” and are protected by law. It couldn’t be worse had this nation succumbed to the hostile military invasion. Abominable things are now impressed upon this people by what the movement long ago came to call the Z.O.G., or Zionist Occupation Government.

“P.C.” is as filthy as it is alien.

Human nature. Not always a pretty thing. Even among whites. Whites have most highly evolved – or divinely imparted – instincts of any of the various human species found on earth. Hence our magnificent civilizations and societies, our art and our culture. Yes, even our governments and systems of law as perverted as they have become in recent decades. Even the colored third worlders are wanting desperately to escape their own, colored Third World and come here. But a place full of third worlders is and has become third world itself.

But the most highly evolved also means the most easily tampered with. When all of one’s institutions are taken over and every evil is unleashed and made even to look acceptable if not appealing, and then add a huge and growing colored presence, nation death approaches quickly. And all in the name of “freedom”.

According to P.C., anything filthy seems to go. Anything weak or depraved is to be admired, even emulated. Deviants and race-traitors are “bold” and “daring” and certainly “progressive”. But of course it is a progression to the grave. Poor devils who are born as failed experiments in this greatest of all biological experiments are lauded for being able to breathe, to walk and perhaps utter a few syllables. Again, the freak show has escaped the tent. The back alley has come onto the boulevard. The third world … and that is their term as I recall when Africa was referred to as “The Dark Continent”… has invaded civilization.

But what won’t P.C. tolerate and what does P.C. hold up as its own prime example of subjective “evil”?

White pride. White awareness. White self-defence. White Sovereignty. Certainly there must be no criticism of itself. We all saw its reaction when the very mild Donald Trump surprised the world with his win last year. They are the most intolerant of all and this becomes all more apparent the more power they wield. This found its fullest expression at the times of the French and Russian revolutions when Jews seized power in the name of “freedom” and then commenced killing Whites on a vast scale.

But ultimately it is and has got to be Hitler and Nazism which drives them into the greatest frenzy.

There it is. They point out the answer themselves. With the universal recognition that there is indeed a P.C. in this world and that its most hated – and feared – enemy is Hitler and Nazism, you have everything you need to know.

The minute enough people see this, and remove this alien System, OVER THEIR DEAD BODIES, the power of P.C. will be broken forever.




Once more I ask you to dismiss the nightly news and whatever you may have thought you knew about Russia.

Whence came Russia? For all intents and purposes, Russia is or was a colony of Sweden approximately as North America is or was a colony of Great Britain. The name itself arose from the Varangian’s or the Rus, Swedish Vikings once again. All the same while that Leif Erickson, etc., and his crew members were navigating from Scandinavia to Iceland to Greenland to Vinland, or North America.

But it goes deeper and further back than that. All those mighty rivers of East Europe beginning with the letter “D” were to those Vikings exactly as the Atlantic had been to our own. It is well known that when the Vikings ran out of waterway, they’d take their ships overland using rollers. So was it down from Scandinavia to colonize Russia or had it been up from some­place else?

The Slavs of the area invited the Vikings who had been traversing their rivers to come and govern them. And there was the start of Russia. The development of Russia closely followed the final phases of the divided Roman Empire. Whereas in the West we have looked to the Church of Rome, in the East it had been Constantinople. Kaiser and Czar both are direct derivatives of Caesar.

Just as with the British, the Russians had plenty of native people on their hands as they colonized the world, both west and east. With the Russians, they didn’t move very far off of those rivers they knew so well, content with leaving things pretty much along further inland… and very backward. Still, with one-sixth of the earth’s surface in one contiguous mass under their control by the Nineteenth Century, they could hardly have failed to have become one of the world’s foremost powers.

But Russia had another problem. Jews. In those days Russia harbored most of the Jews, by far, in the world. And those were all confined legally to what was known as the Pale of Settlement in Western Russia, including Poland at that time. Jews had been confined there due to their pernicious influence upon the social, moral and economic life of the Christian Europeans who, in some instances, were the local racial minority.

And Russia was a closed society, an autocracy. A land larger than the planet Pluto was the private back yard of the hereditary Czar. According to the pushers of so-called “democracy”, this was a grave sin, a grave injustice. Jews, being the foremost pushers of this social disease called “democracy”, could find no way in unlike the way they were accomplishing it in the more “liberal” and decadent West. That circumstance plus the numbers which they enjoyed led to but one conclusion on their part: Revolution.

History has a number of blackouts. The so-called “Russian Revolution” is one of those. This was the violent take-over of Russia by racial Jews in the wake of the awful disruption caused by the First World War. It is but a fact and the Jewish authors more recently have felt freer to begin telling on themselves about it in mainstream volumes. Marx was Levy. Lenin is now revealed as Blanc. Stalin must be next owing to a most probable Jewish paternity. But no matter. The body and the bulk of that Bolshevik move was Jewish.

Then the murdering began. From the Czar and his family on down to include about thirty million Christian, White Russians. This is only what Jews do when they seize complete control. Russia was effectively behead and rendered one giant charnel house.

The people of Europe well realized this. The same was tried in the confusion following the First World War in Central and Eastern Europe but soon failed… as there weren’t enough Jews to enforce it. The ideology of Communism was and is insane and unworkable as has been proven and shown. No matter. To these people it is the AGENDA which counts, never the reality or the good of the people. The agenda plus the overthrow of White, Christian civilization. It becomes a Jewish madhouse. (Is this in any way beginning to sound at all familiar?)

And in the West at the same period? Communism was fashionable. It had already by then made its inroads into the highest levels of the national lives of the great nations of the West. Jews over here were having a smooth if slower time of it buying up the media and the politicians unhampered.

No need for violence. They could and were busy slime-dripping their way into control. The “best brains” over here – like Franklin Roosevelt, etc. Who was another part-Jew on his Delano side – were all set to go into national leadership roles. Churchill too – on his mother’s side – in Britain. All nice and legal but propelled by Jewish-inspired panic.

Lenin had said that the way to the Red revolution of the world lay through Germany. He had attempted to accomplish this very thing in 1920, following the conclusion of the Russian Civil War, but was stopped at the very gates of Warsaw by the troops of Joseph Pilsudski. Had the Red Army then been able to link up in Germany with the forces of the “Bavarian Soviet” – led by more Jews – that would have been it.

Then Adolf Hitler. World Jewry never quits. They never forget, either. Look at the massacre of the Polish Army leadership after 1939 by the Jewish NKVD as pay-back for Warsaw in 1920. Look at the murder of Mussolini, his mistress and uncounted Fascist leaders in 1945. At the time of Mussolini’s defection from World Communism and his Fascist take-over of Italy in 1922, Lenin had said, “When we lost Mussolini, we lost Italy.” They won’t accept “no” for an answer. To hell what the people want or don’t want, it is the AGENDA which counts. That, again, plus the hatred for White, Christian civil­ization. (Sounding any more familiar?)

They were intent upon having Germany and the rest of the world for militant, Jewish Communism. A dreadful squeezeplay was put on Germany which, had it not been for Hitler and his National Socialist Party, would have succeeded.

And then, as I have mentioned in other articles, what we have always known but what has been verified since the fall of the Soviet Union, Stalin’s plan – exactly like Lenin’s – to militarily overrun Europe by sheer force. Mainstream history admits to a force of more power than the rest of the world’s combined poised there on the western frontier of the Soviet Union by 1941. And the West’s response? It had declared war on Hitler for an attack upon Poland. But no declaration of war against the Soviet Union for its attack upon Poland at the same time… plus Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Rumania. A set-up?

Hitler attacked first in June of 1941 in response to this blackmail. Had it not been for the involvement of the United States, it is certain that Germany would have wiped out the Soviet Union. Even as late as 1943. As late as 1945 in the streets of Berlin, German youths with bazookas were killing more tanks than Soviet industry could produce. Only the involvement of the United States kept the Red Army alive. The result? The Soviet Union was so grievously hurt that it lingered on for another forty years and then dissolved. All that while coddled and pumped up by, again, this country.

In 1924 in his masterwork, Mein Kampf, Hitler stated that at that point in time Russia was indeed nothing more than a Jewish charnel house and the deadliest enemy facing the world. He added that Jews represented nothing more than a deteriorating effect, however. And he went on to say that, in the futures the world would be dominated by three “super-powers”: The United States, China and Russia. By this he could only have meant a Russia freed from Jewish Communism. He must have known at some level the role he would play in this.

The spirit of the nation, of the people as versus the influence of alien Jews. Which would be the stronger? The United States was literally impelled by a latent sense of national urgency to fill the gap during the forty-year-long Cold War. All that while Jews here were giving to the Soviet Union our atomic secrets, etc. All that while Jews here were busy in government turning this place from the great country it was and into the “Third Babylon” that it has since become.

My own take on the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of the decade of the Nineteen Eighties and the one which I have never seen or heard repeated anywhere was this: Simple matter. Communism doesn’t work. But that never mattered to any of the “Old Bolsheviks”. Always again, it was the AGENDA, never the reality. They’d see millions starve, would kill millions, pass any laws, etc, to prop up the AGENDA. But by far most of these types were now dead and were replaced by more-or-less regular people. And these regular people simply said, “To hell with it.” And it fell.

Today? I won’t say that Jews are out of the national life of Russia. But the Imperial Russian flag – complete with the golden eagle of the Romanovs-has replaced the Red rag. The Romanov family itself has been retrieved from its dumping site in Siberia and has been canonized by the Eastern Orthodox Church.

What of Vladimir Putin? I can’t help but like the man. If Russia played any role at all in the defeat of the dirty, old hippie – Hillary Clinton -in last year’s general election, then they did this country a tremendous good favor. (Maybe Putin is able to see Clinton for the sick son-of-bitch that she is and the very sort of personality which so afflicted Russia for so long with that particular brand of insane, anti-human AGENDA.)

And if the media dislikes anyone, then they have GOT to be good. It is a sick and alien media which we have over here. It is JEWISH. (Besides blood there is the Jewish mentality which Hitler so carefully outlines in Mein Kampf. An old saying has it that a people will eventually come to resemble their true overlords. This country has become one, big Jewish Hollywood.)

For the grand finale?

They are those who put across the so-called “Russian Revolution”. Russia was, in reality, their FIRST VICTIM. And now, perhaps, Russia has thrown them off.

Where are most of these types today? Here, in the United States. By themselves they are nothing. Sitting in control of a great nation they are significant indeed. If there is any such thing as a force in the world that could be seen as “Gog and Magog” then it can only be the United States. It grieves me to say this but it is inescapable. Look at the pattern. Exporting so-called “democracy” to a world that doesn’t want it. At gun-point if necessary. By economic blackmail most of the time. With its poisonous media mesmerizing people’s minds. Pushing dope, queerism and, worst of all… RACE-MIXING. It doesn’t matter what they choose to call it, it is the same AGENDA!

The overthrow of civilization, the destruction of genuine culture and, ultimately, the erasure of White blood through miscegenation.

These same religionists, then and now, point to Ezekiel who said that Gog and Magog would attack from the north against a nation of unwalled cities.

The religionists showed a map of the world as spread out from the North Pole. They postulated an I.C.B.M. attack by Soviet missiles from the arctic and against the United States.

That is how they would come. I postulate this: Knowing what the evil power which controls this country is all about, that is, dedicated to the destruction of White sovereignty everywhere, and watching its aggressive behavior everywhere toward this end, I see its economy and infrastructure literally groaning under the intolerable weight of this very same INSANE AGENDA. But it goes on despite everything because we here have an overabundance of these self-same INSANE TYPES who would see this continue no matter what.

Exactly as the rotten Roman Empire, I see the day when these here will have no choice except to start to pull back their troops from around the world just in order to maintain things at home. When that happens, all over the globe – and especially in Europe – there will be seen a sudden uprising of nationalist movements.

They are there now, just waiting. Hitler will suddenly be hailed as the Hero which he was. And the insane bastards still retaining power here will do what all insane bastards can be expected to do: Play their final card. And those I.C.B.M.s may go over the North Pole, but they’ll be coming from here to there instead!!




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What properly to make of Trump?

I’ll start with my own initial impressions.

These days I’m finding myself needing and wanting to break free of the habit of watching the evening news on television. This bothers me about myself because I never used to do it. Never, that was, until about a year ago when having coffee with friends and the subject of Donald Trump came up in connection with the then hotly contested presidential primary. One companion happened to mention that “this guy Trump wants to build a wall along the border with Mexico.” That was all it took to hook me.

From that movment until the election itself, I watched his climb. And on the very night of t he election, in the wee hours of the morning, as I sat in near amazement. I am not ashamed to say that I shed a tear of joy at his win.

But I am not fooled and neither should you be. There’s a very old adage which has it that if one is thirsty enough he’ll drink even dirty water. And for anything that remotely smacks of decent leadership in this country, this populace – the white populace – is dehydrated unto the brink of expiration. I was telling everyone that, of course, I expected “that dirty old hippie” to win the election. Why? I would go on: “She is the shit-hook candidate and I’m afraid that we are out-numbered in this country by shit-hooks”.

Sometimes it’s impossible to not discuss personalities. So a look at the man himself. Not since the early part of the 1960s have I even bothered to study any of these people for, as I’ve been saying ever since about that time, “these people don’t even deserve names.” But I bought literature popularly out on Trump. He is not a dupe or a brain-raped zombie a la Clinton. He is a nationalist and realizes the importance of ethnicity. But he is surrounded by Jews. They’re throughout his own family. Indeed, if he did not meet the criteria of the real Jews who hold the real power, he never would of have made it in the first place.

And you simply CANNOT have any truck with the Jews. Ever!

Secondary to the hints of genuine nationalism that we were getting from Trump was the very literal and real outrage being spewed forth by the liberal and communist media and establishment against Trump. That wasn’t faked. It was funny to watch. The low-down and dirty attacks upon him by the media – which he rightly declared to be the worst enemy of the American people – were breathtaking. The attacks upon him from within the Republican Party itself were equally telling: A blind person could have seen that the people were responding to his message of nationalism. To attack him was to attack them. What are any of them doing unless striving to represent the will of the people?

The answer? Serving some alien-inspired, secret agenda. Who could possibly kick at a slogan like, “Make America Great Again”? The answer is again: Those who know damned good and well that america was at its greatest when it was an overwhelmingly WHITE nation! Know it but hate the idea because they themselves are not white or else they have become so depraved that they cannot tolerate anything remotely clean and decent.

Trump spoke it and the people – the white people – responded. Here is a huge lesson.

As I said, I personally did not expect Trump to win and for the reasons I stated. The population has been so altered in this country and with the remainder so brain-raped and poisoned that I did not believe that it was possible for a good man to be elected. I am of the belief that these people voted themselves into this mess and they’ll not be able to vote themselves out of it. And, yes, I still stand by that conviction.

It was close, too close. Trump was correct, I believe, when he asserted that there were millions of fraudulent votes cast by illegal aliens in favor of the “dirty old hippie”. That same coffee-drinking friend of mine outlined to me personally how ridiculously easy it was to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, get an I.D. and then use that to cast in an illegal ballot. The enemy media, of course, pooh-poohed the very notion.

However, I felt at the time that, the way population trends are moving, in another four years or eight at the most, another rabbit-out-of-the-hat miracle like this would no longer be at all possible. The tipping-point will have been reached. Then the electorate will be of absolutely no use at all, even to the proverbial blind person.

But many took heart at the Trump win. Admittedly, I myself feel “better” just on an average, day-to-day basis. It’s wonderful. Sort of like the way nostalgia works: It was so very much BETTER than it is at present! Like the cancer sufferer a year or two ago. He still had the disease then but it hadn’t yet advanced so far.

So-called “hate crimes” reportedly took an upswing. The mood shifted. Trump denounced these actions and distanced himself from them. But the redneck in some instances was calling this the “Trump Nation”. A lot of people stand ready to take action. They require leadership. They require a media of their own. They need to be properly educated, not brain-raped.

Through the Trump win can we assume that the enemy apple cart may still be upset? We’d be fools to rule it out. There is an entrenched enemy system in power in this country. Just look at how it is moving to block each one of Trump’s lightweight moves to nationalistically protect the sovereignty of this country. Their desire is a one-world – THIRD WORLD – bastardized hell-hole. That is their goal. When they cry, “Keep your eyes on the prize”, that is their “prize”.

At the same time, we surely cannot depend upon any “legalistic” recourse to the nation’s and the world’s dilemma. We’d be even bigger fools to bet on anything like that.

Trump talks about legalities, etc. And you see the treatment he receives from the enemy system. We, as National Socialist revolutionaries, are not concerned with “legalities”. We realize that the only issue is RACE! Should millions upon millions of decent, white folk enter this country minus the proper procedures of immigration, etc., we would shout, “Hallelujah!”

Trump talks about curbing “illegal drugs”. That man who is president of the Philippines has the only answer: His police force is shooting drug addicts on the street. He has gone on national television to invite drug addicts to commit suicide. That is the only way to handle a national cancer. And the rest of the sick world uniformly condemns his action.

And what of the race mixers who openly parade forth on these streets here today more and more? We know the answer and so do you. A great hero who shall have his statues on display here one day was Joseph Paul Franklin who claimed some forty-odd of them late in the last century.

And what of the queers also holding forth brazenly?

But do not misunderstand.

“Make America Great Again.”

The Trump win probably one day will be seen as an attempt of some sort at a revival here. But I don’t believe that it shall last. Race again. The flood of coloreds plus the trend toward race-mixing here goes on untouched. Historically, you cannot go back. You must go forward. And we continue to go forward into a darkness. That darkness, as said, must have its own tipping point.

I posed the question decades ago that will this enemy alien system be able to perpetuate itself long enough so as to be able to snuff out effectively all white life here and in the world or shall it crumble or be destroyed ahead of that time?

The Trump win points up certain weaknesses within the system. It also points up grave weaknesses of our own. We would desire a certain climax. But it is the strategy of the enemy system that the whites of this country and the world should not get the chance to fight. Slow, lingering death is their strategy. And a winning one thus far.

With regard to so-called “Hate Crimes”, I would strongly remind each one of you of the words of Nathan Hale when he said, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country”. In modern parlance this would translate to: Don’t sell yourself cheap!

You – we – are too valuable for that.




outlawToday, on James Mason’s 65th Birthday, it is both our honor and privilege to bring forth the all new SIEGE newsletter into the 21st Century in digital format via this, the official James Mason’s SIEGE website! It is time to once again put the fire under the ass of the American movement, and radicalize our National-Socialist brothers in the tradition started by George Lincoln Rockwell, and passed down to us now by James Mason himself! You can read more in detail on what lead up to this glorious revival and what this website will provide for its subscribers here.

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We call on all true and dedicated National-Socialists to spread the word of James Mason’s return far and wide! For we have all been honored to tap directly into the glorious legacy of the struggle that had begun with George Lincoln Rockwell, and now we may revive its flame once more, and with your help we will make it bright enough that the whole world will take notice! And we are all eternally grateful to the man who has made this possible.